Located at the center of the largest vineyard in the world, La Mancha region, our company Don Quijote Wines was born to offer the exceptional wines from our land all around the world.

The peculiar geography of La Mancha’s landscape gives extraordinary characteristics to the grapes thanks to the soil, extreme weather conditions and more than 3000 sunshine hours. As a result, the land of Don Quijote currently has a place between the most prestigious wine makers regions and considered the perfect natural scenario for grape growing.

Our wines are made in new facilities, which were inaugurated in February 2002. New machines for milling, de-stemming and crushing with rollers, temperature controlled self-emptying tanks for maceration, floatation system for cleaning must and centrifugal machines for the finished wines, which passes through a cooling process. In 2009 new small capacity stainless steel tanks were acquired for producing and storing quality wines classified by varieties and destined for bottling.

Don Quijote Wines is focused on traditional, functional and talented wines; for this purpose, provides the best value for money wine, able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

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